Edge Compute That Runs Everywhere

The Everywhere Computer) lets you run code  everywhere — your personal computer, the cloud and everything in between. Some have called it the Uber for compute.

With high resilience, fast execution, and zero deployment:

Why Choose The Everywhere Computer?

Though there is no limit to what the Everywhere Computer can run, it excels most when you are concerned with resilience, certainty or portability. And, in many cases, its resource efficiency can save you time and money.




Who Participates In The Everywhere Computer?

Earn by Powering The Network

Connect your nodes to our open network for compensation or opt for a private setup. Operators are needed everywhere, at every scale:

Function Authors:
Monetize Your Code.

Share your functions and workflows, from front-end enhancements to powerful backend capabilities that scale. Write functions in Rust, JavaScript and Python today. As more languages are supported by the Wasm component model, they will just work.

Service Providers:
Profit From Your Expertise

Our network thrives on diverse services: consulting, tooling, and cloud services — if it’s UCAN-enabled, it fits right in.

Join The ϵ Beta

Built on open protocols

IPVM, the InterPlanetary Virtual Machine, offers a seamless, secure, and open environment for WebAssembly functions. Leveraging content-addressed data, PKI, and capabilities, it ensures computational freedom and interoperability, avoiding lock-in with any single cloud provider.

Homestar is the Everywhere Computer's reference implementation of the IPVM standards, written in Rust.

Dig deeper

While you're await for your beta access, here's some places to learn more: