Fission is building the Everywhere Computer

The Everywhere Computer) lets you write complex code that runs everywhere — your local machine, proprietary hyper-clouds, and everything in between. It lets you compose small, powerful functions into complex workflow logic, and execute them reliably at scale.

When you choose the Everywhere Computer, you choose the ability to:

Why choose the Everywhere Computer?

You already have many ways of running compute over a network. When is the Everything Computer a good fit? Choose the Everywhere Computer when…

…your project is threatened by:

…your project needs:

In short: the Everywhere Computer can provide value any time that the portability or durability of the code you run are primary concerns.

Who participates in the Everywhere Computer?

There are many ways to get involved.

As an Operator

Because they run everywhere, Homestar nodes are ready to be operated at a wide array of scales. We encourage you to do so! At any scale, operating your nodes privately or connecting into the open Everywhere Computer network is your choice.

As a Function Author

Try your hand at writing functions and workflow templates for the Everywhere Computer. They compile to Wasm (WebAssembly) and can be run by anyone in the network.

As a Service Provider

Beyond authoring functions, and operating nodes, there are a variety of services participants in the network will need.

Built on open protocols

IPVM, the InterPlanetary Virtual Machine, aims to be the easiest, fastest, most secure, and open way to run WebAssembly functions anywhere.

Using content-addressed data, public key infrastructure (PKI), and capabilities, IPVM liberates computation from its dependence on pre-negotiated services and paves the way for interoperability.

IPVM is designed to run an open, community standards base of portable compute functions, instead of being locked into any one cloud provider.

Homestar is Fission's reference implementation of the IPVM standards, written in Rust. The managed network we're going to run is what we call the Everywhere Computer.

Join the early access beta

If you'd like to participate in the Everywhere Computer beta, please complete this form.

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Dig deeper

While you're await for your beta access, here's some places to learn more: